Sara Sukhun

Graphic Design + Illustration.
Based in Amman, Jordan.

Collective Building/ Building a Collective
Group Show


This exhibition is the culmination of Darat al-Funun’s 2022 Summer Academy Interrogating Earth, an eight-week series of workshops divided into four modules; on cities, archives, archaeology, and environment. The participants of the academy co-curated the show which includes group and personal projects that aim to imagine, represent, and capture the notion of ‘earth memory’. 
A workshop led by Design Earth inspired my personal project, a series of woodblock prints that imagine the pre-historic copper mining site of Wadi Feynan in 2100, after copper has been re-extracted at a postindustrial level. It speculates on the future of technologies, architectures, and non-human relations at the site.
Images: Darat al Funun - The Khalid Shoman Foundation